Goal: Homepages are often the first thing a new visitor will see when they come to the site, so its crucial that it makes a positive impact. But the homepage can also be an important element of the site’s navigation.

Key considerations:

  • Focus on what you want to user to achieve from the website. Even if users arrive to the site on a different page, they will often go back to the Homepage as a pivotal navigational point and decide where to go next

  • Keep it simple and avoid trying to cram too much into one page – highlight key content and lead your visitors towards the next key pages of your site

  • Large Image assets are strong components to show off the offering whilst giving the best possible impression

  • Quickly communicate the value. A meaningful headline and an introduction that succinctly explains the purpose of the site it’s often a good starting point. A couple of sentences should be enough to sum up what you are offering

  • Clear indication of what they need to do next to get what they want.

  • Keep it fresh. As well as making it obvious what you do, you’ll want to encourage people to visit again, so keep in mind the frequency on which its content can be refreshed to inform returning visitors of what’s new and what could be expected soon by possibly highlighting the latest brand steps, developments, offers, etc.

  • Consider different content for the different audiences. For unsubscribed visitors it could focus on subscribing users and unlocking valuable content, functions and features. Once a user has subscribed consider showing different and relevant content that would keep returning visitors re-engaging with the brand.