Building product - From MVP to product

A simple, yet lovable and complete product

Why build a product?

Focus on onboarding and retention

You need to figure out if you can retain customers.

Before you can focus on that long-term retention, before you can even focus on your 14-day retention, you need to focus on the first five minutes. Make an amazing on-boarding experience. Even smaller — make an amazing first step of your on-boarding program. And keep iterating on it until you have 90% of people sticking around. Then move to the first day. Then the first week.

What I’m talking about is ruthless prioritization of your product. Don’t focus on growth. Don’t focus on economics. Focus on getting the most retention in those first five minutes — then go from there.

The focus of product driven companies is a strategy of faster feedback cycles 

How to build a product from MVP to …

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