Product Roadmap

The longer term vision of the product and how to get there

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Product Roadmap Template

Getting a handle of the roadmap is critical not only for you to do your job, but also for your entire team.

Q1: Theme, date range

A short description of the theme—typically centred around company or product growth goals

  • Base it on the quarterly OKRs

Feature Milestones

A list of product features that will define success for this quarter

Customer Success Milestones

A list of customer features that will define success for the quarter

Growth Goals

A list of growth numbers we are trying to hit

Concluding notes

Repeat as needed for each quarter. Your goal should be to have the next quarter as tight as possible, with the next quarter being broad strokes, and two quarters out being even broader. Tighten as time goes so you can react to changes.


  • Objective oriented product development